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Cryptid Chronicler

In the style of the activity books you used to find in every dentist office, or maybe inside the Wednesday newspaper this full size activity book features 16 pages of fun! From helping Nightcrawlers find their way through a crowded city to helping some zoologist solve word puzzles, this book will keep you busy!

The original cryptid themed activity book this small, 5x7, book contains 12 pages of fun! From color by number to spot the difference this project brought together my love of cyptids and the fun of classic activity books.

In collaboration with Lars White, this self-published zine explores 

an alternate universe where cryptids exist under the supervision of P.A.R.K. Rangers. Filled with my illustrations and Lars' writing this zine will shine a light on cryptids and the rangers who keep them in check.

The cryptid traveler

P.A.r.k. ranger's guidebook


My two original coloring books. Curious Collection focuses on nature and animals. Ominous Signs merges strange imagery, candles, skulls and animals into single coloring pages.

Adult Coloring Books

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